Thursday, March 15, 2018

* Little Bear *

I'm quite a dreamy person. I can fall asleep while looking at the stars outside of my window. (Accept for the little problem that I'll probably sleep with my glasses on..) I've always been interested in astrology and the whole universe. In this blogpost I'll tell you about my zodiac sign and my favourites constellations!
My zodiac sign? I'm a cancer, I don't like the name first of all. In Latin it means crab, but in these days I feel a bit uneasy about the translation. Anyway, my zodiac sign usually fits me. As they say on wikipedia "sensitive, care deeply about their loved ones, loyal, hard to get to know" that's quite an accurate description. In new situations I usually am a bit more quiet than when I'm with my comfortable people. I care a lot about my family, I'm loyal, and in some situations a bit sensitive. I don't believe in horoscopes, I do however enjoy to see what it says sometimes, just for the fun.

My favourite constellations?
Ursa Minor, also known as the little bear. I always see it when I head out on a clear night. Probably because the brightest star "Polaris" is on the tail of the constellation! Also the fact that this constellation has 7 stars... I mean... Anna Twenty SEVEN!

Ursa Major of course! The big bear, although I prefer the little bear I do like the "Mommahhh"!

I really like this website, although it looks a bit old, it shows a lot of information about your location and how the stars and planets are moving from your "point of view".

I hope you liked this little blogpost! What is your zodiac sign?

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  1. Ik ben een ram. Horoscopen geloof ik ook niet maar ik lees het af en toe wel eens graag :) ik ga mijn sterrenbeeld eens opzoeken om te kijken of ik me er in kan vinden! Verder kan ik eigenlijk ook alleen de grote en kleine beer onderscheiden :p

    1. Haha ja! De 2 beren zijn het makkelijkst te vinden. Vroeger wist ik veel meer sterrenbeelden uit mijn hoofd. Binnenkort weer even opnieuw alles bestuderen!


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