Friday, March 23, 2018

All about my Photography

As I've told in this blogpost I really enjoy This or That questions, which are a trend in the Instagram stories right now. When I was reading my favourite Dutch photography blog I stumbled across some free templates! If you want to read more about my photography, click on read more!

As you can see, these templates are made by Fotografille, a Dutch photography blog by Evelien. I love the colours and fonts!

Yes there are still many things on my Photography bucket list!

Digital or analog? I love the vibe of analog photography but I haven't put much thinking into it yet. I would love to learn more about analog photography though!

How would you fill in these templates? Do you like photography?

See you soon!

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  1. Zo'n tof idee om die templates te verwerken in je blogposts! Je brengt me op een idee :D Ik hou van foto's maken maar ik heb geen fancy apparatuur en ik ken er eigenlijk ook de ballen van dus ik doe gewoon maar wat :) zo lang ik het zelf mooi vind, ben ik blij!


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