Friday, March 02, 2018

The Snack Tag

The snack tag, when I was reading my daily dose of blogposts I stumbled across this tag by Lotus Writings. A few questions about snacks, my favourites and more! I had to change the questions to English, but I really enjoyed answering the questions! Do I prefer Sweet over salty? Click on read more to read my answers!

  • What's your favourite fastfood restaurant?
  • I think it's McDonalds, I love their chicken nuggets. I do however prefer the Dutch snackbar, they serve fries, fried snacks, and all sort of other yummy food. Whenever I'm in Finland I prefer Koti Pizza over McDonalds. Their pizza's are great!

  • Sweet or salty popcorn?
  • Salty, my childhood self really liked popcorn, now I'm a bit allergic to it.

  • You're favourite icecream flavour?
  • Strawberry, yogurt and licorice.

  • Describe the best cake you have ever had!
  • I've had loads of extremely yummy pies and cakes. My mother is a Dutch foodblogger. I'll link some of my favourite pies!
  • Take away or do it yourself?
  • Mostly make ourselves. On some days however, we visit a snackbar or pizzeria. Easy and SO good!

  • Salty snacks or M&M's?
  • Salty snacks for sure, I usually get a bit sick by eating too much sweet things.

  • Favourite snack?
  • Something sweet would definitely be chocolate. Salty would be something like a Dutch (fried meat) snack.

  • Cold or warm apple pie?
  • Warm is the best, but I love apple pie in any temperature.

  • What are you most likely to order in a bar/on a terrace?
  • For drinks I usually go with water or orange juice (hehe, yes I'm aware of the "weirdness").

  • What do you like to eat on the side when eating fries?
  • The Dutch Kroket is my all time favourite. I also like chicken nuggets of course :)

  • Favourite sort of potato crisps?
  • Just the natural salty ones! I don't like too much added flavours. 

What are your favourite snacks?

Until next time!

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  1. Jaa ik houd ook meer van zoute snacks!! En ook van zoute popcorn :)


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