Monday, March 19, 2018

Places I want to visit - The Netherlands

Places I want to visit, the Dutch edition. In this blogpost I'll share some of the places that I would like to visit soon. As my deadlines are over in 2 weeks I'll have some time of to travel. I'll be going to Paris as well, so maybe this blogpost will be followed by a Paris edition?! Anyway, click on read more to see the (food) places I want to visit soon!

  • Keukenhof, the famous Dutch flower gardens. I've never been there... This year I hope to visit the gardens! Maybe on a day off with friends or my boyfriend. I mean, I need someone to take pictures of my right ;)
  • Maastricht, a city I've been before, but not yet on my own.
  • Pluk Amsterdam, a breakfast place where they serve a unicorn bowl. I've promised one of my friends to go there for her birthday!
  • The Hague, I can't remember ever visiting the city. I do however would like to visit the Finnish embassy. A good thing to do on my own!

  • Efteling fairytale theme park, with my family... Because we LOVE the Efteling!
  • Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.
  • The Rijksmuseum, my sister has been there but I'm the only one in the family who has never been there, also in Amsterdam.

  • Go to the Nijntje museum, I mean... NIJNTJE is so cute! or as they call Nijntje in English: Miffy!
  • A Zoo, I don't know which zoo yet. I haven't been to a zoo in a very long time. I think it has been 3 years...
What are the places that you want to visit in the Netherlands?

 I'll probably use this list as a checklist! I hope you liked this little blogpost.
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