Saturday, March 24, 2018

Week 12, a bit tired

I'm currently dreaming about next week, when at this moment (Saturday) most of my deadlines will be over. It's 00.00 am as I'm writing this. Not the best idea maybe but oh well ;) In today's blogpost I want to share some of the thoughts that I've had during this weird week.

This week I had a meeting with my study coach... My Dutch writing skills are not "as they should be" a few teachers said, which makes me feel very angry. I've had struggles with writing Dutch for as long as I can remember. Another sign that I should just keep on writing in English ;) Anyway, that was a little frustration.
I've been also very excited this week, I got an exciting email that I'll be doing a portrait photography course in Paris in a few weeks time! A professional photographer will give me and my friends some cool exercises and tips to work with. The song "I'm so excited" by the Pointer Sisters is constantly playing inside my head!

Travelling also means that I'll be adding more postcards to my loved collection :)
(BIG smile!)

For the upcoming days I'll be busy with school, but I still hope be able to put up a blogpost everyday! I just want to keep that streak going ;)

How was your week so far?
See you soon!


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