Saturday, April 07, 2018

My bullet journal

The famous trend of Bullet Journaling has reached my structure loving heart. Paper planners didn't seem to work for me. I didn't like the design of most of the planners that I tried. When I found out about this creative way of planning, I just had to try it. In this blogpost I'll tell you what I think about bullet journaling!

The print of this bullet journal is beautiful! I usually don't like these sorts of designs, but this one is really pretty! The colours stand out so well against the white. I don't use this notebook daily, just because it's not practical to me. I mean, clumsy and the colour white...

I have two dotted notebooks which can be used as bullet journals perfectly. The one with the birds print is by "MUS creatief", you can find it here. The red one is by Leuchtturm 1917, you can find it here. I use the red one on a daily bases. I recently spilled some raspberry juice over it... Which made some parts of the notebook purple. Ohhh well, now I can proudly say it's REALLY mine! For my next notebook I would like to have a blue version.

Now on to some of the pages in my bullet journal:

It's nice to have a notebook for random doodles, and just any sorts of lists. I make to do lists, I have a book reading tracker, I keep up with my hours of sleep. I do loads of creative things in this journal.
I use a black fineliner, coloured fineliners, markers and washi tape.
I also keep my weekly and monthly planner in this journal!
 For my weekly planner I use this technique:

On the left side of the line I write my everyday schedule. What time I have to be at school, a meeting, anything which is already planned. On the right side of the line, I write a little daily summary of what I have done, or more information like addresses I have to remember. Anyway, this system works for me. I usually draw a line in my bullet journal, and it really helps me to see structure!

What are your thoughts on bullet journaling?
Or what kind of other planner do you like?

Until next time!


  1. Ik vind ze zo leuk!! Maar ik ben best perfectionistisch wat betreft dat soort dingen. Dus dan ben ik super lang bezig met het tekenen, terwijl ik er niet eens in ga plannen haha :')

  2. Ik gebruik nu ook een bujo. Vind het leuk om op het einde van de maand mij er eens aan te zetten en de pagina's in te delen. Voorlopig tekende ik alleen maar ik heb net een hele voorraad aan washitapes binnen dus die ga ik volgende maand gebruiken! :D Ik schrijf er vooral to do's in en m'n afspraken en probeer nu ook een mood tracker bij te houden (ik vergat het altijd in te vullen vroeger maar ben m'n best aan het doen nu :D)

  3. Zo leuk! Ik heb zelf ook een bullet journal en ik vind het echt fantastisch om er creatief mee bezig te zijn.


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