Thursday, April 05, 2018

My future home, according to Pinterest

Hello hello! After a little break of my 40 days blogging challenge. I decided to scroll through my Pinterest page for some inspiration. I thought it would be fun to show you what my "future home" will look like according to Pinterest! I hope you enjoy!

I put together this little moodboard to show you the general idea. What I noticed?
- a lot of light
- blue, green, black and white.
- organisation...

Starting from the up left corner, the world map wallpaper! It doesn't have to be in the bedroom, but it looks awesome! It can change the whole look of the room.
Moving right, the beautiful sitting corner with the wide window. I love the light which comes in! The blue details... Beautiful!
Bookshelves, large, large bookshelves, as high as the ceiling. One can not have enough books!
Next up, the desk with pegboard! Easy to organise, which is exactly what I need in my room. I'll probably make one myself sometime soon.
The "get naked" printable in the bathroom, I mean, funny and awesome.
Left, the most organised kitchen I've ever seen. Not that I want it to be like that, but it looks nice.
Last but not least, the coloured house. Since most of the things I chose we're either blue or green, so I just had to pick the blue house ;)

There are many other things that I would love in my future home. First page of the Harry Potter book wall art. A cupboard under the stairs. A huge kitchen to cook for the family. Yep, great ideas!

What do you want in your (future) home?
Until next time!


  1. I would not say no to this! Large bookshelves up to the ceiling? Yes I would love that!! My own house would have a small library in it ideally haha.

    Wandering Everywhere

    1. YES exactly... Bookshelves with a ladder 😍


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