Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A day in my life | School Edition

The end of the school year is approaching, and since I mostly share the travelling side of me on this blog. I thought it would be fun to share somethings about my regular school day. This is what my typical Tuesday looks like!

Alright, maybe not my typical Tuesday. School started at 13.00 which meant that I got to sleep in. I woke up at 8 and read a few chapters in a book called "1222" by Anne Holt. I recently started this book, and so far I like it. After my morning read I put on my blue dress that I bought in Finland last summer. Washed my face, and made myself some breakfast. A kiwi and slice of bread with apple syrup (appelstroop). After breakfast I started on some school work, it was a beautiful day and I was looking forward to leaving the house.

11.30 I packed my bag for school, with only one thing missing. My lunch of course! I have this super cool lunchbox with compartments, which I'm mostly way too excited about. I filled it with 2 kiwis (yes, I'm currently in love with kiwis), cashew nuts and my favourite lunch: couscous and chickpeas. After packing my lunch I headed to my bus and made it to school. I had class until 17.15.

It was very warm in class, so I was happy to be sitting next to an open window when heading back home in the bus. My classes had been mostly practical, which meant that I had been busy with drawing and listening. I was a bit tired because of the heat and was looking forward to a cold shower. I got home and went immediately for the shower, put on my pyjama's and enjoyed some pizza! In Finland people celebrate Name-day, this Tuesday was my little sisters name-day. As a family tradition, the one who's name-day it is, gets to choose what we eat. Pizza day! I was so happy, after this yummy meal I made some more homework and went to bed. Or at least, first read a book and then went to sleep.

I hope you liked this day in my life school edition! As you see, my life isn't always blog worthy but oh well! Soon school will be over and I'll be focusing on travelling again! I'm looking forward to it...

Until next time!

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  1. Tof zo'n artikeltje! Mag je zeker vaker doen ^^

  2. Wat leuk om zo een dagje mee te kijken! Grappig dat jullie naamdag vieren. Dat klinkt eigenlijk wel als een heel tof idee :) Enne, wat ziet je lunch er heerlijk uit!


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