Thursday, May 24, 2018

F1 racing and caravans | Highlights

Last Sunday I went to racing Circuit Zandvoort to see Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo drive their Formula 1 cars! I'm a big F1 fan and I really enjoyed this day. In this blogpost I'll show you my favourite parts of the day!

First of, the little boys in their little Redbull outfits were the cutest! Me and my friend smiled every time we saw one.

The caravan race, this was definitely the most fun thing to watch. As it was the only day that Daniel Ricciardo would be in the Netherlands, he went all out in this race. They drove in Aston Martin Redbull cars with a customised caravan hanging from the back. Number 33 was Max, and number 3 was Daniel. Swipe down to see the result after a few laps!

Max Verstappen! He hadn't messed up his car as badly as Daniel, but his tires weren't as shiny as they had been ;)

Did I tell you Daniel messed up his caravan? Did I have to? Probably not, but this was hilarious! The only thing left was the under compartment...

Excuse me for the bad quality of this GIF, but next up was the F1 car race! In this little GIF you see Daniel Ricciardo leading the race followed by Max Verstappen. David Coulthard was 10 seconds behind so I didn't get him in this shot ;)

It had been a gloomy day, or actually it hadn't. But there was this sea fog which blocked the sun mostly. Me and my friend went to check out the sea to escape the crowds but we mostly saw this! A bit mysterious haha! We headed back to the train station and almost fell asleep...

This day I also documented some things on my Instagram stories, if you want to follow me, you can find me on @annatwentyseven I really like to get creative with this! I had to share this photo of me and a Ferrari/Kimi Räikkönen shirt!

I hope you liked this little blogpost about my highlights of the Jumbo Raceday!
Have you ever seen a Formula 1 car in real life?

See you soon!


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