Tuesday, June 05, 2018

May Favourites & Hello June! | 2018

May, one of my favourite months of the year. Usually not as warm as it was this year, but always nice! Now that it's June, I'll share my current favourites with you!

  • Sisu, my favourite book of the month May! You can read my review in this blogpost.

  • My thrift shop finds! An awesome denim jacket, and 4 Grey's Anatomy DVD boxes! I wrote this blogpost dedicated to my thrift shop adventure!

  • I celebrated a little birthday party on the 1st of June (my actual birthday is on the 27th of June) we had loads of fun!. I received a few presents, the Hermione Time turner necklace! And this book by Stephen Fry called Mythos, retells the stories of the Greek Myths, a modern version! 

  • I also got a rather "big" present. 2 goldfishes... I must say, I was really surprised by this, I call them Maximus and Flynn Rider. You know, the horse and the thief playing in the Disney movie Tangled ;)

  • I've started aqua jogging since 2 weeks! I do this with mostly elderly women. Which I can't actually see, because I don't wear my contacts or glasses to the swimming pool. I always hope I've not offended anyone by not looking at them (hehe, oops).

  • I just can't stop fangirling about these two upcoming movies! 'Fantastic Beasts, The Crimes of Grindelwald' and 'Christopher Robin'! Fantastic Beasts is coming out on November 16th and Christopher Robin on August 3rd!

  • Kiwi's, strawberries and melon! I mean, they're like summer candy!

  • A little swimmingpool in our garden! I can cool down after school which is PERFECT!

That's it for today's blogpost! I have an excited blogpost coming for you soon!
So stay tuned, see you soon!



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