Thursday, June 21, 2018

How to celebrate Midsummer Night?

Happy midsummer everyone! June 21st, the first official summer day! As they celebrate Midsummer Night as a holiday in Finland. I thought it would be fun to share some things that I know about this holiday! Also just to share some of the fire pictures I took a few weeks ago, but anyway let's gooooo!

They're celebrating Midsummer night in the weekend of the 21st of June.
Friends and family come together to celebrate. Put on fires, drink, eat and to enjoy the long day.

Midsummer is mostly celebrated in Northern Europe. It comes from the Christian St John's eve. Which is known in Finland as "Juhannus" and the Swedes celebrate it with a Maypole. If you'd like to know more about Midsummer. I suggest you read this wikipedia page!

Things to do so YOU can have a midsummer night party!

- Pick a day in the upcoming weekend and invite some people over!
- Get yourself something to make a (safe) fire.
- Food, drinks, anything to keep those tummies happy.
- Mosquito's are annoying, so get some of those citron candles (or something that actually works?!).
- Something to swim!? (but don't swim if you're drunk)...

Midsummer is mostly about having fun with friends and/or family. So have fun!

Have you ever heard of midsummer night? And if so, have ever you done something to celebrate it?

My holiday starts very soon, so get excited for more frequent posts! ALSO (whaaa) I'm turning 19 next week. And yes, not ready for that yes... So get excited for some happy Anna birthday posts!

See you soon!


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