Thursday, September 20, 2018

Annalog photo editing apps!

Trends, I don't usually like to follow them. When it comes to photography however... Analog photography, or as the trendy people like to call it "vintage", is making its comeback. Blurry pictures with a little grain, some light leaks, mostly with warm tones. Yes, I like them too. In this blogpost I'll share some nice apps that can give any of your pictures this "vintage" look!

Yes, this all looks very dreamy... I made the pictures in this post with the app Gudak (not sponsored). It's a really funny app I think. It works like a disposable camera. You can take 24 pictures at a time. After that, they'll have to develop. You'll receive the pictures 3 days later in your camera roll... You can still take pictures in the mean time. You just have to wait 2 hours after taking the 24 pictures.
My friends have called it a bit stupid ;) But hey! I'm a little camera nerd so I don't mind!

Other apps that are really easy to use are:

VSCO - very easy to use, good editing and nice subtle filters.
Adobe Lightroom - I love lightroom, I use it on my laptop... It's easy and looks really professional. The app is very nice as well!
Afterlight - this app has the lightleaks and grain filters that most people use.
Huji - A bit like Gudak, but with this app you get your pictures immediately. The pictures turn out a bit purple so if you like that ;)
Picsart - this app has all different kinds of things that you can edit/draw. It's so much fun!

There are way more apps, but these were some of my favourites!

I hope you liked this little blogpost!

Do you like the analog/vintage pictures?
What are your favourite photography apps?
Let me know in the comments!

See you soon!

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