Sunday, October 28, 2018

October Favourites | 2018

October is almost over... 2018 is almost over... time seems to fly. Autumn just arrived and all of a sudden winter seems so close! Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely October. In this blogpost I'll share some of my October (and September) favourites!

Autumn has arrived and winter is approaching faster than I can imagine. In 57 days it will be Christmas already!
My first favourite is not a Christmas song ;), but I've loved the song "Girls like you" by Maroon 5. (Not the version with Cardi B, I don't like the rap verse.) The song has been stuck in my head almost all month, together with Africa by Toto... What is your favourite song at the moment?

Next favourite is the app called "Daylio" it's an app where you can track your habits and moods. Like a small diary, I write down what I have done each day with just a few words. Very practical to me since I'm not structured enough to keep a real paper-pen diary for every day.

What I've been really enjoying lately is putting some time and effort into me and my sister's new instagram account. We share our love for Harry Potter and the Wizarding world on here. It's called @gryffindorravenclaw if you would like to follow it!

My favourite colour for this season has to be yellow! I used to not like yellow, I have blonde hair, I still think it's risky ;) However, I now own a yellow winter jacket and I love it!

Another favourite of the past month is the series Once Upon a Time, the series is all about fairytales. I like that all the stories are in someway connected to each other! Have you seen it?

My last favourite from October is something that will arrive in November I hope... It has something to do with the Wizarding World and I'm SO EXCITED!

A little story from the past month...
A few days ago I went with my family and boyfriend to Den Bosch where we did a Haunted experience. It was very nice to see the city in the dark! The tour itself was a bit of a failure since the app didn't work properly. But it was a good night anyway! We ate a few delicious pies when we came home! It was much fun! I'm hoping to do something on Halloween upcoming week. If you're doing something, please share so I can get some inspiration!

A better blogging schedule is coming, school is getting a bit less busy so stay tuned!
I hope you liked this blogpost!
Until next time!


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