Saturday, November 03, 2018

My first Wizarding World wand!

Hello there! Today's post will be all about my latest purchase. My Noble collection replica wand from Tina Goldstein. If you're a Wizarding World fan like me, you'll probably understand my hype ;) In this post I'll show you all the pretty details of my first wand!

The box arrived on my doorstep only 3 days after I had purchased this wand. It had to come from the platform 9 3/4 shop in London. When I came home from school I IMMEDIATELY had to open the box. My sister was very sweet and she filmed my reaction :) You can find it on my Instagram highlights! (HP highlight)

The box itself is stunning! Grey with gold detailing... SO SO PRETTY!

This is what the wand looks like up close! It's dark brown with a simple design. I really like this! I always thought my wand should be simple. I love all the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts wands, but I think this one suits me best!

The fact that Fantastic Beasts is still new is also what I really like about this wand! There isn't any information revealed about the wand itself. The Harry Potter wands are popular already for so long. This feels a bit more unique in my opinion.

The character of (Porpen)Tina Goldstein is also very interesting to me! She's a bit shy and awkward, but yet brave. I can relate to her a lot! We're even in the same Ilvermorny house: Thunderbird!

All I can say is that I'm very excited about this. (If you couldn't tell already) I can't wait for the new Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald movie! Which I'll be seeing with my Newttastic boyfriend on November 13th ;)

I'll probably write a little blogpost of that night after I have seen the movie!

I hope you all liked this blogpost of me hyping over a piece of wood!
See you soon with a new blogpost!



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