Monday, December 03, 2018

Inspiration | Blog December 03

December third, the 337th day of the year. There are 28 days before 2019. There hasn't been a year, which has flown by so quickly in my opinion. I have done so many awesome things this year! I'll do a recap on December 31st ;)
In this blogpost however I'll share where I get my inspiration from. For my blogposts, my photography etc. I hope you enjoy!

Pinterest can be a heaven and a hell when it comes to inspiration. There are so many ideas which is a good thing. But it can also be overwhelming. I love Pinterest for a lot of reasons. You can find tips, motivation, beautiful art, pictures and more.

When it comes to blogpost I like to search Pinterest and Bloglovin'
Bloglovin' is a platform for following bloggers. I visit the website daily to keep up with my favourite blogs. This brings a lot of inspiration!
This is a Dutch photography website. My sweet boyfriend has given me the magazine a few times now and I really love it! I haven't got the time to really get out and photograph yet. Maybe a good 2019 resolution! shares great tips about photography and camera's.

I love videography, when it comes to inspiration, I love to watch 4K Northern lights videos. It's my ultimate dream to make a Northern lights documentary video one day!

Besides looking at all these websites, I do get inspiration offline ;)
It's just that inspiration isn't a constant flow. There have been times where I was just not having any, and also times where my head was flooding with inspiration. It's important to write these thoughts of inspiration down! They may come in handy when you don't feel inspired! I like to clear my head by taking a walk, in the forest or in the snow.

What do you do to feel inspired?

See you soon in tomorrow's new blogpost!



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