Friday, December 28, 2018

My 2018


2018 was a funny year! It started of with my being in the Netherlands, I have spend most of my new years in Finland, so this always feels a bit weird. I had a lot of free time after Christmas holiday, so I spent most of my days in the train, travelling through the Netherlands. In March I decided to accept the challenge to do a 40 days of blogging challenge. One that I completed with a full heart!


While I was doing this challenge I got the chance to go to Paris with my friends from school! I loved it, it was my third time in Paris and the weather couldn't be better. The weather this year had its ups and downs. One day I couldn't go vote because of a heavy storm, the other day it was 30 degrees and sunny ;)

While I was busy finishing my first year of college. I also was preparing for a really exciting summer! During summer, I was road tripping with my family and boyfriend. I got to show him Finland for the first time, which is a real big deal to me. We travelled from Germany to Denmark, from Denmark to Sweden and from Sweden to Finland. And back ;) I really enjoyed it! The weather was perfect, the people were perfect, an amazing memorable holiday!


After these exciting three weeks of road tripping, I had another amazing trip planned! My boyfriend and his family took me to London! It was my first time in London and I absolutely loved it! I went to the Harry Potter (Warner Brothers) Studio tour. My heart couldn't be more full of love!

After these exciting summer holiday, college started again. My second year, I had a rough time with a lot of stress. Besides all the stress, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2nd year together. I had fun with friends, travelled a lot through the Netherlands and went to the Efteling. This year had high highs and low lows.

In December I wanted to put a blogpost up for every day of the month. Due to stress and just overall busy during the holidays I only made it to the 19th. And this is totally okay! The year ends with me being away from my boyfriend, but with my lovely family. Celebrating and enjoying each others company.


In 2018...

I travelled to 7 countries (WOW)

I had a great time with family

I had an amazing blog year

I worked on myself

What did you do this year? What did you learn? And where have you been?
Let me know in the comments!

I wish you the best for 2019!

See you soon!



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