Monday, December 10, 2018

What is a Name Day? | Blog December 10

Yesterday, December 9th was my name day! My Finnish name day to be exact. In Finland each day of the year, except for 31/12, 25/12 and 29/2, a day is given a few names. You can try to find your Finnish name day here.


All these names were on yesterdays name day! For today, the 10th only the name "Jutta" celebrates its name day ;)
I hear you thinking, yes Anna these are all typical Finnish names. I discovered while doing research for this blogpost however, that there are many other countries that have something similar to a name day! I know now that my Swedish name day is on the 9th of December as well! So have a look at google and tell me something about your name day!

What is special about a name day? A tradition in our house is that we get to decide what to eat for dinner. As it was my name day, I choose fries (NL: het was een kapsalon, dat is hemels!). I sometimes get a nice card from my family in Finland. It's a normal day, but dedicated to your own unique name! I like it a lot!

Did you know there was something like a name day? And tell me when you have yours!
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