Friday, December 14, 2018

Series that I have seen | Blog December 14

I'm the person who cries while watching movies and series. I usually make sure I have some chocolate with me while I watch something that I know might make me emotional. I symphatize with fictional characters, a lot! I do LOVE movies and series however. In this blogpost I'll share some of my favourite series! Get yourself some chocolate and enjoy!

My ultimate ultimate ultimate favourite series is Grey's Anatomy. I've written a blog post about my love for Grey's Anatomy already. This was the first series I fully watched and loved! The stories with a meaning, the medical facts. The series has 14 seasons already and I have seen every episode at least twice! (oops)

Sherlock, my boyfriend introduced me to this series! I like it A LOT! This series had me mind blown all the time. I definitely needed chocolate at times but I'm very happy to have seen it! The seasons are short but the episodes are long which is a good balance!

Once upon a time, most of my friends don't like the series. I however, do like it! There are a few amazing actors in it! I absolutely love the "evil" queen. A lot of the fairy tales get mixed up. I know a lot of the stories so I understand the connections. But I get that some people may be confused! 

I'm almost finished with Once upon a time! I'm looking for some new series to watch! What series do you like? Let me know and maybe I'll give it a try!

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