Sunday, December 16, 2018

A little life update | Blog December 16

My goal for December was to write 31 blogpost, one for each day. But now that I'm in the middle of December I feel a bit stuck, and that's alright! In today's blogpost I'll give you a little update on what I have been doing besides writing blogposts!

First of, it's December (yes you probably know that it's December, time flies!!!). Everyone is preparing for the holidays including me! I love them! As I'm writing this, the first snow in December is already melting, short but lovely. December is a hectic but absolutely fun month!

My mother was on Dutch television! The Dutch version of the (Great British) Bake off "Heel Holland Bakt" to be exact! She was one of the last 33, but didn't make it to the last 15 for television. I'm so proud! Maybe she'll try again next year.

School is getting busier every day. I have deadlines, and sometimes forget to write a blogpost because of this and that's alright! I don't like it, no I absolutely don't, but what else can I do? Working until 1 am on a blogpost is not my thing. I need my happy sleep :)

Talking about sleep! Sleeping has been great this December! I'm reading before bed so I can clear my mind, and often fall asleep instantly.

I'm also planning a few cool things for 2019, so overall I'm happy but a bit busy! For today, I'm going to enjoy the winter weather and work on a few school projects! How are you doing?

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  1. Goed dat je juist nu wat rust pakt tussen het werken aan school door! En superleuk dat je moeder bij Heel Holland Bakt op tv was :) Ik vind dat echt een leuk programma. Wat bof jij met een moeder die zulke mooie en lekkere taarten kan maken! :)


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