Monday, February 04, 2019

My January Recap | 2019

Snow in Finland | Anna Twenty Seven |

The first month of 2019 was hectic. I was (still am) super excited for 2019 and had decided to make some changes in my life. It all started with a snowball fight in Finland. I was with my family that night and two days later, back home in the Netherlands. I spend a few days with my boyfriend, finished a few school projects and felt happy to start the new year.

How to train your dragon 3 | 4DX | Anna Twenty Seven |

Little did I know that halfway this month I would decide to quit my study. Actually, I had been thinking about this for over 3 months but constantly felt the need to stay in school. Because "what else can I do?" So now I made the move to start my own company. I am opening an etsy shop soon, I am going to work as a freelancer as well. And maybe start a new study next August! But deciding to stop with my study was (and still is) hard. I have made some of the best friends there and will be missing them so much! I have to do it purely because I feel like this study can not give me what I need. I want to feel in charge again. All of these feeling took a toll on my mental health, on some days I felt like miss sunshine, on others I was crying a lot.

Besides all the decision making and confused feelings I did lots of fun stuff! I went to the cinema with a friend and we saw "how to train your dragon 3" in 4DX. Which was an AMAZING experience. The chairs moved as the dragons flew through the air. It felt like flying for real! My friend and I had so much fun, and laughed when we had to wipe our 3D glasses because of the real water. There was wind and even smell! 

Ijhallen | Anna Twenty Seven |

Another fun thing was going to Amsterdam to explore the Ijhallen with my friends. The Ijhallen is one of the biggest flea markets in Europe. I liked it a lot, but did not buy anything myself. It was quite busy and felt a bit overwhelmed, but I really liked the fries that I got as a snack!

I also shared quite a few pictures on Instagram, I am trying some things and quite like how they turned out. You can follow me here!

Instagram | Anna Twenty Seven |

Books I read:
The Christmas Lights by Karen Swan
The Unknown Kimi Räikkönen by Kari Hotakainen

Music in my head:
Perfect by Ed Sheeran
Con te Partirò by Andrea Bocelli
Sweet but psycho by Ava Max

Goals I achieved:
Read 2 books
New blog lay-out!
Setting up my own company

Movies I saw:
Saving Mr Banks
Crimes of Grindelwald
How to train your dragon 3

Actually I can | Anna Twenty Seven |

I feel like this blogpost is all over the place, just like my January. For February I hope to read more books, set up my shop, keep doing my best at school so that I can stop in April with a good feeling. And most importantly, enjoy every moment. To end this blogpost I share one of my favourite quotes with you.
Actually I can.

Have a nice week and I will see you very soon!
How are you doing?



  1. Wat goed dat je een knoopt hebt doorgehakt wat betreft je studie! Tof dat je als freelancer aan de slag gaat. Ik ben super benieuwd wat je in je Etsy shop gaat verkopen, leuk! :D


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