Friday, March 01, 2019

A beginning | Reducing my waste #1

Hello there! Today I'm starting a new series on my blog! The ecological footprint that humans have on the world is huge. "Reducing my waste" is all about how to make the world a better place, starting with myself. In every blogpost in this series, I will talk about how I am reducing waste. Starting with some beauty products. Enjoy!

Why reduce my waste? Because I think we have way too much plastic in our lives. Most toothpaste is made with micro beats. Fruits and vegetables are packaged in plastic and all of our bathroom products as well. While we try our best with recycling, plastic is a polluting industry and reducing the amount of plastic in our households is (in my opinion) essential. Plastic in our foods (fish) and plastic in our bodies (toothpaste). Time for a change!

I've talked about 'lekker in een potje' before. Their natural deodorant is what got me started on low waste and natural beauty products. Not only is it better for our bodies (natural ingredients) the packaging is reusable and recyclable. 

99% of all the toothbrushes in the world are made of non recyclable plastic. They mostly end up in landfills and even in our oceans. This sort of plastic never breaks down. A bamboo brush is a way better option, they are biodegradable and cheap. A small step you can take to a lower waste lifestyle.

I talk about a low waste lifestyle, the term zero waste is more popular, but in my opinion a bit misleading. In the country that I live in it is almost impossible to avoid plastic. It is everywhere in our supermarkets and I get frustrated by it a lot. Zero waste is not possible yet, for that we would need our governments help.

What I am doing now?
- Using natural low waste deodorant
- Brush my teeth with a bamboo toothbrush (on the go, at home I still use my leftover plastic one)
- Use a bamboo cutlery set on the go for all of my snacks and lunches.
- Recycle our waste at home.

What I want to do for the upcoming days/weeks:
- Shop more at farmers markets so that I support local businesses and avoid plastic packaged foods.
- Find a low waste, all natural toothpaste.
- Make my own reusable cotton pads

I think we are all trying our bests and doing our own research is important. Educate yourself on what is going on in the world and together we can make it a better place!

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.” – JK Rowling

What do you think about low/zero waste? And do you have any suggestions on a good natural toothpaste?!

Have a nice day and I will see you soon!



  1. Goed idee! Alle kleine beetjes helpen :)

    1. en nee, ik heb geen tips. Maar ik ben ook wel benieuwd, dus hoop dat iemand anders een goede tip heeft!

    2. Bedankt voor je leuke en betrokken reactie! ❤️


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