Thursday, June 13, 2019

How I Plan My Weeks | June 2019

In this blogpost I will share how I plan my weeks with you! I have adopted a new planning technique, one that finally works for me! After years of using planners, but never fully using them, I am now 100% committed to this technique. Want to know more?

I am using a Mascha Planner, I was searching for a new planner in the bookstore and found this one. I loved the inside and took it with me! What I like most is that is has a vertical lay-out. Almost all Dutch planners have a horizontal lay-out, so finding a vertical planner was like a call from heaven!

I use this Dresz book protector to (haha) protect the planner! I know myself, I need it!

Now on to the planning itself!
I plan my weeks like this ^ I use the top vertical boxes to write my to do's and meetings per day. The two smaller boxes I use for learning (Finnish, courses etc.) and for food intake. I am allergic to quite a few things, so it feels nice to track what I eat. The 10 dots at the bottom are for how I felt that day, it usually differs between 6 and 9!

On the far right you see an eighth vertical box, this is where I track my habits! Such as, waking up early, doing some Finnish learning, Geography studying, working out and book read! I change tracking these habits quite often, but my most used ones are waking up early, reading a book and something study related!

You don't need this exact planner to use this technique. If you are a bit more creative, you can use a Bullet Journal to create a spread like this! I have used bullet journals before, but found that I personally need more structure instead of creativity.

There is a Monthly page in this planner as well. I have not yet had the change to fully understand what I want to use this for, but for now I am extremely happy about my planning routine! I try to work week by week, this helps me to keep calm, which works for now. I plan my new week on Sunday or Monday morning, feels like a good focus moment to reflect and set new goals!

I hope you found this "how I plan" useful! I would love to know what planning techniques you use! So definitely leave a comment!

I hope you have a wonderful day!
See you soon!


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  1. Tof om te zien hoe jij plant! Vind het ook wel een originele manier om de planner te gebruiken. Ik val vaak in de standaard dingetjes als in 'in dit vakje horen afspraken en hier horen to do's' waardoor zo'n planner niet 100% aansluit bij wat ik nodig heb.

    1. Snap ik helemaal! Deed ik eerst ook, maar een creatieve blik kan iedere planner wel anders maken denk ik! Bedankt voor je leuke reactie Irene!

  2. Handig die beschermhoes! Ik gebruik mijn agenda op en af, nu zien mijn weken er heel erg hetzelfde uit (5 dagen per week stage) en dan gebruik ik hem veel minder. Maar ik merk dan meteen dat ik dus dingen als doelen/habittrackers/etc. laat versloffen. Terwijl me dat eigenlijk zoveel rust geeft in mijn hoofd. Ik ga hem deze week weer gebruiken dus!

    1. Haha, fijn dat je je agenda nu gaat gebruiken! Geeft toch altijd wel wat structuur aan een week naar mijn idee!

  3. Nu weet ik ook meteen hoe de mascha planner er van binnen uit ziet. Ik ben ook wel een voorstander van verticale kolommen.


    1. Haha precies! En ja, verticale kolommen zijn GEWELDIG!


I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

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