Thursday, August 01, 2019

Language Project?!


I love languages, up until I was 5 or 6 I used to speak a lot of Finnish with my dad. We recently looked back at some of the videotapes from when I was that age and I was confidently having Finnish conversations with my dad (who was behind the camera). I absolutely love those videos! Now that I am older, my confidence with speaking Finnish has dropped a bit. Speaking English is "easier" but I want to change that! That is why I am starting a language project!

And getting my Finnish to a higher level is the first step! I want to get some Finnish lessons from a teacher. I have tried fully teaching myself, but I still have questions. My father is not always around when I am studying so getting a teacher would be nice! Also the routine of going to a lesson, getting homework and studying is something that I think would motivate me even more!

The language project doesn't end there! In fact, I want to get my Finnish to the highest level that feels comfortable. And after that, start with some new languages! I would love to know Norwegian and Italian but Swedish would also be a practical choice! Let's see where this project will bring me!

For now I am going to focus on Finnish! I won't be posting a lot about my language journey here on the blog. But if you are interested you can follow my new language themed Instagram here! I will share some vocabulary from different languages in each post!

What is a project that you are starting this summer? Doesn't have to be big ;)



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