Monday, December 09, 2019

Bucket List: Ice Swimming


Ice swimming had been on my bucket list for a few months before I finally visited Finland again, and did it! It was one of my bravest moments and I will tell you all about it in this blogpost!


I was with my cousin Laura, we had planned this in October and a month later it was time... I was very spontaneous this day, let me prepare you for that. Tuesday morning, my first morning in Finland. I biked to university with my cousin, had a 2 hour lecture about product photography. Ate lunch at university, biked home, visited the city, ate burgers for dinner. Went back home, then to the gym, attended a body care class. Cycled to the swimming spot, and did it! The air temperature was just 2 degrees and the water must have been 4 degrees Celsius.

I first saw a father and son going in quickly, swimming for a minute and then heading out to change into warm clothes again. That gave me enough motivation to take the dip myself. I had my swimsuit as well as my beanie, socks and Laura's crocs. When I touched the water I walked in straight until my shoulders were wet. Then the water took over and I decided to get out. The river had quite a heavy stream. But it was a lovely 15 seconds I can tell you. Funny how I didn't feel cold when I came out. I put on my coat, but my legs were too wet and cold to put on my leggings. So I decided to cycle back home without them. I never fell this alive I can tell you!

When Laura and I came home we packed our sauna stuff and headed for the sauna, which felt LOVELY afterwards. To end the day we watched Pocahontas on DVD with some mudcake and snacks.

I hope to do this again soon. It was such a lovely experience and I am so grateful for this lovely experience.

Have you ever been ice swimming?

Until next time!


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