Wednesday, January 01, 2020

My Plans and Goals for 2020 ✨

Happy new year lovely readers! I wish you all the very best for 2020! In this blogpost I will tell you my plans and goals for the upcoming year!


Visit some Dutch cities with my boyfriend.
I have a school trip planned to the Eifel area in Germany which I am excited for.
Visit Finland to see my family.
Get my Propaedeutic diploma for finishing my first year as a geography teacher.


Do fun things, 2019 has been a year full of new experiences. I want to keep that up in 2020 with finishing some more bucket list items!

Keep organised, I need to get rid of some things in my room, I want to keep up with my planner daily as I have done for the past few months. Having a structured planner keeps my head from spinning. I also want to set up a bullet journal to keep track of some health related things!

Be healthy, and by that I don't mean going to the gym every day or eating less sweets. I mean really being healthy, my body being healthy. For the past years I have been struggling with my health and this year I will finally be myself again!

Spend more time with friends, I love my friends and 2019 has been a bit weird. I hope to see all of my friends more in 2020!

Travel, because that is what keeps me going!

What are your goals for 2020?

Thank you so much for reading!



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