Sunday, January 19, 2020

Building new habits | My tips and tricks 👩‍🏫

Building new habits | My tips and tricks 👩‍🏫 | ANNA TWENTY SEVEN

The New Years resolutions and goals are flying around at this time of year. I have always liked new beginnings and this year I found some new tricks to kick start those resolutions by building new habits! In this post I will tell you all about how I like to set up and build new habits! I hope you enjoy :)

Building new habits | My tips and tricks 👩‍🏫 | ANNA TWENTY SEVEN | PRAGUE

Okay, so creating a good new years resolution/goal comes down to making it small. I have created a perfect planner for this last year which you can download here. The main goal is to create habits out of your resolutions which you can work on daily.

Take a goal as "Getting Healthy" this is quite a broad goal, so making it small is the key! A few example habits could be:
- Prepare a healthy (pinterest) lunch for every work day.
- Go for a walk after work/school.
- Get +8 hours of sleep every night.
- Drink 2 litres of water daily.
Set small goals/habits which you think you can achieve and just take it day by day!

- I use the app "Habit" to keep track of my new habits. This app sends notifications and is easy to use. You simply tick the box for the day you did your new habit. The goal is to get a 100%. If you miss a day the number of percentage goes down. The app is simple, fun and effective!

Building new habits | My tips and tricks 👩‍🏫 | ANNA TWENTY SEVEN

As you can see I keep track of learning Finnish, as well as some other languages on Duolingo, reading, opening my Flow calendar and a few more private ones!

After a few weeks, once I feel like I have achieved adding these habits in my life, I can start with new ones!

What are resolutions/goals/habits that you feel like you want to add to your life?

Have a good day!


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