Friday, January 17, 2020

One month gadget review | Fitbit Inspire HR ⌚️

For the past 1,5 month I have been using the Fibit Inspire HR. An activity tracker, which I turned out to really like! In this blogpost I will tell you why!

Before we get into specifics I will write down the positives and negatives of the Fitbit Inspire HR.

The watch is lightweight and is small on my wrist.
Minimal and easy interface.
Battery regular usage lasts up to 7 days.

You need a smartphone for optimal use.

The Fitbit Inspire HR tracks my heart-rate, steps and sleep. I can track how many steps, kilometres, heartbeats per minute and active minutes I am having in a day. You can also keep track of your food, water intake and weight in the app, but I don't use them. The Fitbit vibrates ten minutes before every hour to remind me to take more than 250 steps. By doing this it makes sure I get enough exercise in a day. You can easily ignore it if you have to. One other thing that I like is the relax mode. The Fitbit tries to calm you down by suggesting breathing exercises and I have used it several times already. There is also an alarm and timer function which I haven't fully tried yet. The app is easy to use just as the Fitbit and I am really happy with my purchase.
Maybe I will do a half year review again in May/June once I am fully used to this beautiful device!

Do you have an activity tracker?

See you soon!

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