Friday, January 03, 2020

I saw Frozen II... ❄️

If you have been following me for a bit, you know that I love Disney movies. My favourite was Tangled... yes you read it correctly! I think my new favourite Disney movie is Frozen II. In this blogpost I'm going to tell you why!

WATCH IT! Beyond this photo there will be "spoilers" of Frozen II! I do not give direct spoilers but I talk about the movie as a whole. If you have seen the movie, you may pass but if you haven't, please make sure to fasten your seat belt!

Why is Frozen II my new favourite Disney movie?

The story is about sisters, just like the first one. But this second movie also focuses on individual growth and self acceptance which I love!
The music, I absolutely love the songs "into the unknown" and "show yourself" are my favourites. I have been singing these songs in my head for the past weeks. The lyrics are also very powerful and I can resonate with them a lot!
The Sámi details, from the music to the clothes and landscapes. The Sámi's are an ancient group in Northern Europe (also Finland, hello ancestors!) which have been working together with Disney to create a real picture of what their culture looks like. Frozen II was also the first Disney movie to be translated to the Sámi language. I have been interested in the Sámi culture a lot, since a few years now I think and I absolutely loved seeing them well represented in a Disney movie!
The humour, Olaf is even funnier in this movie than in the first and his humour was much needed. The movie turns quite dark near the end, which I love. Disney has invested in focusing on mental health and that's another reason to love this movie!

I could talk about this movie for hours (yes, I have tested this with my sister and boyfriend) but I will tell you GO SEE IT! Because I think Disney has done a really good job!

Have you seen Frozen II already?

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