Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Where I want to go next... ✈️


I always have loved travelling, whether it was to Finland to see family or to explore a whole new part of Europe, I have always loved it. In this post I will share a list of places I want to go next and why.


Finland, I will always, always, always want to go back to Finland.
London, I have been to London once before and I loved it so much that I would love to see it all again. Not only London but also the rest of the UK. I have a whole list of places I want to visit there!
Morocco, I am actually going to Morocco in a few years! I will be going with my study class in third year (I'm now a first year so only two more years to go!) and I am so excited already! I have never been outside of Europe and I love to explore different cultures.
Norway, weirdly enough I have never visited this Northern country. I want to see the fjords and take in all the beautiful sceneries!
Go above the Arctic circle, I want to see the Northern lights there but also see the Sámi culture in real life! Frozen 2 has inspired me 😂 
Alaska, I have a thing for cold climates but I would love to visit Alaska one time in my life! Maybe the same time that I will be in America to visit.
The Wizarding World in Florida, because I'm a Harry Potter fan, and want to visit some shops and HOGWARTS! in real life...

There are many more beautiful places on my list but these are the places/countries that are very high up! What places would you like to visit soon? Let me know!

See you soon!



  1. Zo fijn om te lezen! Naar Londen wil ik ook nog wel een keertje gaan. Ik vind dat daar altijd plezant. Verder staan er bij mij altijd warme bestemmingen op mijn lijstje. Zeker nu het hier zo koud is. Geef mij dan maar wat zon (en strand) :)

    1. Wat lief dankjewel! En ja, die warme bestemmingen snap ik zeker! Niks zo lekker als wat zon pakken! Liefs ☀️


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