Friday, January 10, 2020

Why I only drink water... 💧

When I meet new people and visit their home I always get the question "what do you want to drink?" my answer is almost always "water". People find it somewhat weird, but when I tell them that I really don't like anything else but water (and fruit juices) they have questions. In this blogpost I will tell you why I only like water and how I deal with social pressure.

I find soda's and sugary drinks too sweet. I always get thirsty when I "try" something new to drink. When I was small we never had soda drinks at home. I simply didn't grow drinking them, I always had water, a yogurt drink or orange juice. I sometimes visited friends houses where I got very sweet pink drinks but after one or two times I simply asked for water. That's the thing, I have always had a very strong will. I don't get influenced by other people that easily. In my current living situation I sometimes visit places where they only serve tea or coffee. I simply ask for water and that's what I do. In nightlife situations I prefer water as well, dancing makes me thirsty and drinking alcohol is not my thing. I do enjoy a few sips of red wine when I have a fancy dinner. But other than that: water please!

Social pressure is something I can recognise easily. I just don't listen to it. I do me and you do you, and that is beautiful!

What is your favourite drink?

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  1. Oh ik drink ook alleen maar water eigenlijk, of fruitsap inderdaad. Ik vind op zich limonade enzo wel lekker en ik drink hÊÊl soms eens een half glaasje, gewoon voor de smaak maar ik krijg er ook alleen maar dorst van. Mensen reageren inderdaad altijd wat 'raar' als je alleen water wil drinken. Ze vinden het vooral saai.

    1. Haha, fijn dat het toch herkenbaar is! En ja, dat saaie krijg ik ook soms.

  2. Ik drink alleen maar water en vaak groene thee! Thats it! haha mensen vinden het raar inderdaad of saai, maar het is een stuk beter dan al die soorten frisdrank.

  3. Supergoed dat je gewoon lekker doet wat je zelf wil! Ik drink ook meestal water. Van een warme chocomel met slagroom, ice tea green of een cola light kan ik op zijn tijd ook wel genieten, maar koffie, thee of alcohol? Echt niet!


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