Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bucket List: Travel solo 🧳


Past November I went on my first solo trip. I took a plane to Finland and had the best time! A lot has happened since then but I thought it would be fun to share this moment of self-growth anyway!

I booked the plane tickets after a spontaneous moment of boredom in October. I asked my cousin (Laura) if she would be free in November and when I knew she was, I booked the tickets. Only a little month of waiting and I hopt on a train to Schiphol Airport. Getting to my gate was easy and I had plenty of time to walk around. I realised I had been doing this my whole life and felt extremely comfortable getting on the plane. First I was seated next to two very loud and happy Russian women who wanted me to change seats so that their friend could come sit next to them. I switched seats and sat next to the window with a lot of space next to me! I loved the whole flight and when I arrived at Helsinki Airport it was already dinner time. I headed to the train-station and got on the train. In Tikkurila I visited a supermarket to buy my favourite Finnish foods and a salad for in the train. My train ride would take 2 hours to Tampere so I was happy to bring nice food! I had the best salmon in my salad during the train ride and almost started crying, it was just so good! I arrived in Tampere a few hours later and Laura came to pick me up! During this whole part of the trip I felt so proud of myself for being able to do it all! I had the BEST time with Laura at her place and in Tampere. I will share more blogposts about this later. But you can read all about my ice swimming experience here. When I headed back home I had an overlay in Copenhagen. I had slept 4 hours before heading to the train-station in Tampere and was really sad to say goodbye to Laura. I had a whole day of travelling in front of me and was a bit nervous as well. The train journey went great once again. I ate ryebread and ryecrisps and was soon at Helsinki airport again. There I ate more crisps, walked around to check out the Moomin shop and was boarding in a few hours. Once I was in the plane I was seated next to the window. This was a smaller plane and when we took off I had an amazing view over Finland. I was entertained by the views almost the whole flight and was a bit sad to land in Copenhagen. The airport was very big and looking for something to eat still fell like a big adventure. I ended up eating a garlic bread-pizza with a homemade lemonade on the side. It was well after noon and I started to get tired quickly after not having enough sleep. I headed to my gate and was happy when I could finally sit in a plane again. Now to Amsterdam, where I would meet with my friends to have a sleepover! The flight was short, but mostly because I fell asleep most of the time. When I arrived at Schiphol Airport I had a mental breakdown in the toilet. Being back after having so much fun in Finland felt not good at all. Luckily the sight of spending time with my friends cheered me up. And I was fine after that. (I had the best time with my friends as well, an emotional breakdown was somewhat inevitable after only 4 hours of sleep).

My very first trip by myself went great and I am grateful for the way I was feeling at the time. This trip took place a few weeks before I found out I had an ovarian cyst. I am beyond grateful that I was okay at the time and that I had this boost of confidence and independence before needing surgery!

I hope you are all doing great! I am now! I just launched my first podcast episode! (listen to it here). Have you ever travelled solo? Let me know in the comments!

See you soon!


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