Monday, February 17, 2020

I need a hobby, so I made a list 📝

I need a hobby, so I made a list 📝  | Anna Twenty Seven

Hello hello! This girl is recovering from surgery and is in need of things to do. In this blogpost I will share some hobbies that I would like to try out in my life! And probably will in the upcoming three weeks! I hope you enjoy :)

CARDS I need a hobby, so I made a list 📝  | Anna Twenty Seven

- Paint on denim, I want to use some of my old trousers to make a nice artwork of them (to wear)! I have seen it on Pinterest and I loved it!
- Make ankle bracelets, I have done necklaces and earrings already but I love ankle bracelets and they make me think of summer a lot!
- Reading, I have had some concentration problems the past weeks but I want to start with slowly getting back into a good reading routine! (update I finished one book already!)
- Paddle boarding/sup boarding, this has been a goal of mine for a long time already! And this summer I definitely want to try it!
- Podcasting, I will launch my podcast upcoming Thursday which I am so excited about! The name of the podcast will be "Gut Feeling with Anna" a podcast all about following your gut, positivity and lifestyle!
- Dance, I am currently in love with making new playlists so it is only logical for me to start dancing to them! After my recovery I want to start with going to dance classes again. I have dances from age 4 till 15 and I really want to get back at it!

What are some hobbies that you would like to try someday? Let me know so that we can inspire each other!

Have a good day!
See you soon!


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