Tuesday, March 10, 2020

My thoughts on Social Media 📱


I got my first phone when I was 11. It was a Nokia phone (with colour screen!) and I could text with it. Now 9 years later I have a smartphone with every possible phone function there is. But I still text with my dad (who now has my old Nokia colour screen phone). A lot has changed in 9 years. Most of us are on social media now, and in today’s blogpost I would like to share some of my thoughts on it!


First of all. Social media has impacted my life positively. I am able to communicate daily with my family in Finland which makes the distance feel a bit "less". I am grateful for apps like whatsapp and snapchat.

Instagram on the other hand is a platform which I like to see as my creative outlet. Just like my blog, but then faster and more direct. I like to post pictures of my little adventures. And since a few months I have started a video a day project in my Instagram stories. One thing has changed however, first I "liked" to follow people like old classmates and such. But in the past years I found that I actually don't really care anymore. I would much rather have a conversation with a person where I am surprised what that person has done than follow their every step on Instagram. I am not saying I don't care about those people. I am saying I don't feel like putting energy into scrolling through thousands of pictures every week of people who I can also just talk to in real life. I would much rather feel positively inspired by amazing art accounts that I follow of people who I will most likely never meet. I sometimes clean up my instagram and phone. By doing that I delete all the accounts that I no longer feel like I "need/want" to follow. And I also delete all the contacts in my phone that I haven’t contacted in 1 year. I think it is really refreshing and good for your mental health. Just like cleaning out your room ;)

Here are some of my favourite inspiring Instagram profiles:

Jonna Jinton: A Swedish photographer and YouTuber who lives in the woods of Northern Sweden. Her photo's and videos are always so magical and make me want to live in a forest myself.
She lives her Dream: Lottie is a Finnish girl who has lived in a lot of countries and after years she is now following her dreams by going to drama school! Her YouTube channel is also very nice and I especially love her summer cottage vlogs which make me think of my summers in Finland!
Unjaded Jade: Another girl that I also follow on YouTube. On her Instagram she shares casual magic and snippets of her life at Minerva which is a really cool university program which provides a lot of travel (she will live in 7 countries and has an online classes system).
Jennie from the Blog: Jennie is a Dutch blogger and dreams of having a cabin in the woods (hello! SAME). She is working on following her dreams and I think she is really inspiring.
Mary Josie: Another Dutch Instagrammer who you should definitely follow if you are into astrology. Her pictures are so dreamy and she shares interesting things about following your dreams.
Suus Illustrations: Suzanne is a real life friend of mine and I find it so cool that she is sharing her passion! Makeup illustrations! I can't wait for what the future has in store for her!
Little Miss Chick Flick: Rafke, another real life friend of mine has a blog and on her Instagram she shares a snippet of her movie reviews! I love it!
Fit with Eve: Eva (Yes another friend of mine! I have very inspiring friends!) shares great food and fitness inspiration! For healthy recipes definitely go follow her!


Blogging is something I have done for over 6 years now and it feels like I will never get enough of it. I think it is so much fun to share thing and look back at old blogposts and how my way of writing, my opinions and my photography has changed. I have made videos in the past as well and I feel like I want to be more creative with overall. Try out different things and see what I like! So if you see me trying things out on here and on my Instagram or YouTube you will know why ;)

Overall I am mostly positive about social media! I just think it is important to set boundaries and to make sure you follow them. You don't HAVE TO follow anyone or do anything in a specific way. Just keep that in mind!

How do you feel about social media?

Have a good day!


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