Friday, April 03, 2020

How my head is dealing with the current situation 💥


Somedays I feel like I have it all figured out during this quarantine life. On others days I'm a stressful mess that just dances in her room to forget all of the scary and painful things that are happening in the world right now. Anyways, I recently realised that my blog has been a sort of journal to me through all of my beautiful teenage years (ahem). So let's add some more real life thoughts to this blog!


Here are some of the things/situations in my head that have escalated in the past three weeks:

- Remembering dreams and nightmares. I have never had these kind of visual dreams and I can remember all of it so well. It is a bit scary to be honest!
- Feeling so so so lucky. I have been in the hospital for two days in January and the crisis did not affect any of my scheduled appointments! A week before the Dutch government decided to close everything I had had my last appointment in the hospital. This whole year has just worked out for me so well and I feel extremely blessed for the good luck that has been on my path.
- Forgetting little things (as usual). I don't know if it's due to the crisis or due to the anaesthesia that is still in my body from the surgery, but I keep forgetting small things...
- Repeating the thing I have said in my head in Finnish when I have said something in Dutch. This is something new as well and it is super interesting and it keeps me motivated to keep on studying Finnish
- Wanting to be in my room all the time because the light from being upstairs gives me energy. And that is the truth. My room is at the attic and the light is so much better here than downstairs in our living room. It gives me motivation to take photos and just overall more energy. I love the sun!
- Testing out so many new things and routines. Hell yeah! I love this and switching up routines helps me so much to stay motivated! I recently decided to make a kitchen office and it was so fun to have a change of scenery!
- Taking better care of myself. This is something I have done ever since I got out of surgery. I am eating healthy, working out regularly (with my little sister) and making sure I feel and look great as often as I can!
- Feeling stressed about everything study related. Studying online is all about adjusting and as many other students I find it challenging. I try to keep up and do my best at all times. But sometimes a day off is all that I need :)
- Learning to adult really quickly. I am cleaning the house more often, helping with the dishes more often and really this time is all about responsibility. But I do like it!

How are you dealing with the current quarantine situation? Now that all of your feelings are valid please! Life is a journey!

See you all soon!

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