Thursday, April 30, 2020

My Birthday Wish list 🎂

Wish list 2020 anna 21st birthday Anna Twenty Seven

In about two months I will be celebrating my 21st birthday (probably still in quarantine) and for this year I decided to make a wish list on my blog. I was always a bit hesitant to post a wish list because I really don't want to make people feel like they have to buy me something. For me coming over and having a good time is way more valuable than any present. However for this year I had a list which was quite fun actually and so I thought, why not share it? I will probably buy some of these things myself anyway! I hope you like it!

This book is just so pretty and I still have to read the Anne of Green Gables stories!

If you have been following my blog, podcast or instagram for a while you know that I absolutely love Frozen II so this is really no surprise...

Do I need to say more ;) I have been looking for a cute funko pop for a while now and when this came out I just had to pop it on here.

I love this type of planner. The one that I am using now is almost full so I would like to get a new one.

Oh my, I am currently rewatching this series and I just feel like I would love them to have as a dvd set. They would shine bright next to my Grey's Anatomy and Moomin dvd collections!

I love that Apple has launched a budget Iphone and I think that I will buy this myself this year. The red colour is so pretty!


This is just too cute and I love the purple colour!

I would love to use this on a Finnish lake and cruise and swim for days!

A book about gardening which looked extremely structured which I absolutely love!

A book about a woman who had cervic cancer at the age of 28.

What is on your wish list for this year?

See you soon!

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