Saturday, May 02, 2020

Moments that changed my life ✨


I saw this post on Irene her blog and just knew I had to do it as well. In today's blogpost I'm going through all the things that have happened that have changed my life. Get yourself some sweets, because this will be a long post!

I'll do this in chronological order, so let's start with the time that I was 5 and a half years old and got a little sister! I remember the times of being an only child and looking back I have learned so much from both that time as the time with my little sister. She taught me patience and social skills and I truly believe that I am a better person because of her. The day of her birth I remember as if it was yesterday...

When it comes to my childhood I don't remember any big changes that affected me except for moving, which was a positive change.

My high-school career however did change my life. I had to redo a year which made me feel very angry at times. But if I hadn't redone that year I wouldn't have met the amazing friends that I have now as well as my boyfriend! So at the time it didn't feel nice at all, but looking back, it gave me everything that I have now and I am so grateful for it!
Starting a blog also happened during this time and I feel like starting it has made my life more creative. It is so nice to look back on old thoughts and photographs that I have made! Now that my blog has turned into a business (which I had never expected!) I can call it my super cool job as well!

My college career also changed my life! I am not your regular school-kid and with grades and opinions of teachers I have always struggled. I met the absolute best of friends at Communication and Multimedia Design. But some of the teachers just drove me to craziness. My self-esteem got so low that I started talking with a therapist and a few months later quit the studies. The opinions of others which were actually of no value broke me up. I spent a few months at home, not studying at all. Only spending time on working on my blog and business. Last September I started studying again, I want to become a geography teacher. I want to talk about the beauty of the Earth, how it works and what humans on it are like. And now more than half a year later I can say that it was one of the best decisions school-career wise. I have never had as high grades as I have now and I feel more fulfilled as a human. Now that I will become a teacher I hope to help kids like me who don’t fit into the regular school-system.

Finding out I had an ovarian cyst and getting surgery for it was one of the biggest changes physically. You late listen to the full story on the first and second episode of my podcast. But now that I am almost fully recovered I can say that I have never been more happy and "me" in my whole life! My body feels like it is finally mine and also my mental health is much better! I feel so strong!

Quarantine life, I think it is a combination of finally not having an ovarian cyst anymore and the feeling of being at ease at home. Over the years I felt like I was wasting time being at home, not being productive, not working towards my dreams and travelling. But during this quarantine I have learned that I can work at my dreams from home. I can be my best self at home, in the Netherlands. I feel more at ease than ever before. And I thank quarantine for that!

And I thank you for reading this long blogpost about some of my life!
What are some of the moments that changed your life?

I'll write you soon!



  1. Leuk om jouw levensveranderende gebeurtenissen te lezen! Ik denk dat een niet standaard schoolcarrière bij veel mensen in de lijst komt (als ze zo'n lijstje zouden maken toch). En ook, die eerste echt grote beslissing die je voor jezelf neemt, zoals stoppen met een studie of ander werk zoeken. Op zich zijn het eigenlijk vrij kleine dingen maar wel met een grote impact.

    1. Helemaal mee eens! bedankt voor je reactie ❤️


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