About Anna

Hello there! I am Anna, a blogger, photographer and designer. I started blogging in 2014 (when I was 14), sharing my interests and stories with the world. I travel a lot, my family lives in Finland (I am half Finnish 🇫🇮) and so I have seen quite a bit of the world. I love cultures, landscapes and so it happens that I am going to study to be a Geography teacher! I studied Communication and Multimedia Design for two years, this is where my love for (graphic) design really grew. But found that I wanted "more in life" (that sounds dramatic), so here I am. Having my own blog/photography/design business and studying to become a Geography teacher!

As you may know now, I have many different interests. I love food, travelling, Harry Potter, maps, Tangled (Disney movie), languages, cinnamon buns, Gryffindor, Pinterest, swimming, Formula 1, Winnie the Pooh & speculaas.

Here on my blog you will find a bit of everything!
Hope you enjoy!



I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

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