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This privacy policy was last modified on March 11th 2019

Anna Twenty Seven respects your privacy. Anna will not misuse, sell, or exploit any information provided (by you and others) to Anna Twenty Seven. Only if Anna Twenty Seven is legally obliged to do so. This privacy policy applies to all visitors of Anna Twenty Seven.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or if you want to submit a request regarding your personal data. You can contact Anna Twenty Seven here:

Data processing

When you visit the website, Anna Twenty Seven, Anna can not collect your data (with the exception of your residence). This is only possible if you leave a comment or share your information with Anna Twenty Seven.
The information Anna Twenty Seven extract from you:

Name or nickname (only when leaving a comment)
Google account (only when leaving a comment)
Link to your website (only when leaving a comment)
Place of residence (this is provided by Google Analytics & Blogger statistics)
Information about your activity on Anna Twenty Seven
What web-browser and device you use.

When uploading a picture of yourself to this website, Anna could get information about your gender and ethnicity, however, Anna Twenty Seven will not do anything with this.
Anna Twenty Seven does not intend to collect data from visitors younger than the age of 16. Anna only does this if she has permission from the parents or caretakers. Anna can not however check if a visitor is over the age of 16. That is why Anna Twenty Seven advices parents to watch their children Internet behaviour. This is to prevent data processing of children without their parents consent. If you have any doubts whether Anna Twenty Seven has used information from under 16 year olds, please mail to and Anna will delete this data immediately. 

Purpose of data processing

Anna Twenty Seven does not use your personal data without a purpose. Here you can read what Anna Twenty Seven uses your data for, and how long this will be saved. Anna Twenty Seven will not retain your data longer than is strictly necessary.

Commenting on Blog posts

When you leave a comment on, you will be asked to fill in your google account or name and URL or you can comment anonymously. These are required to comment on a blogpost and will be kept until the blogpost is deleted. If you want your comment to be deleted, you can email

Anna Twenty Seven contacting you

There is only one exception of Anna Twenty Seven contacting you. This is when you have entered a give-away on the blog. Anna will use the contact information you have provided Anna Twenty Seven with. This can be an e-mail address, google account or Instagram username. Anna will keep this information for 1 year. If you want this information to be deleted, you can mail to

Personal data sharing with third parties

Anna Twenty Seven does not sell your personal data to third parties. Your personal data will only be provided if necessary to meet joint agreements or if Anna is obliged to do so by law. When Anna Twenty Seven cooperates with companies that process your data within the context of Anna Twenty Seven, a processor agreement has been concluded. Thanks to the processor agreement, these companies can guarantee that your data is just as secure and confidential as on Anna Twenty Seven. The responsibility for the processing of these data still lies with Anna Twenty Seven.

This applies to the following companies:
Google (US): the developer of Google Analytics, with which Anna keeps track of visitor statistics;
Transip (Netherlands): the company that provides the domain for;
Blogger (US): the developer of the blog-publishing service Anna Twenty Seven uses, which is hosted by Google (US).

Furthermore, Anna Twenty Seven will only share your personal data with third parties if you have given permission. This will only happen if you have won a give-away. When the price is made available by a company, Anna Twenty Seven will pass on your contact details to this company. Anna will only do this if you have given Anna Twenty Seven explicit permission.

Use of cookies

Anna Twenty Seven uses cookies. These are functional, analytical and tracking cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the browser on your computer, tablet or smart phone when you first visit a website. These cookies collect your information (data). Functional cookies ensure that Anna Twenty Seven works well and that your comment log in will be remembered, such as your Google account, Anna does that for your convenience and not to do anything with that data herself. 
On your first visit to Anna Twenty Seven you have been informed about these cookies. In a cookie report the website has asked you to welcome these cookies. After your cookies are accepted, Anna Twenty Seven stores a temporary cookie. This cookie does not contain personal data and is thrown away when you close your browser. Do you want to completely unsubscribe from cookies? You can use a setting in your Internet browser that does not store any cookies. More information about this can be found here: What is a cookie?

Cookies and other companies

Anna Twenty Seven also uses cookies that are placed by other companies and services. These are cookies from social media companies where Anna Twenty Seven has an account.

Some companies that are used by Anna Twenty Seven have analytical cookies. These cookies store data about your surfing behaviour on Anna Twenty Seven. These are cookies from:

Google Analytics (part of Google, US). Through this program Anna can measure her visitor statistics, how many people visit this website and which pages are viewed most. To do so, Google Analytics collects (anonymously) data from Anna Twenty Seven visitors. These cookies are kept for 14 months. You can find Google's privacy policy here. To protect your data, Anna Twenty Seven has signed an editing agreement with Google. Anna also does not share data about the use of this website with Google and your IP address is not registered in its entirety. (part of Google, US). This site collects, just like Google Analytics, data, of which Anna can see how Anna Twenty Seven is used. Read the Blogger privacy policy here

Tracking cookies are cookies that are used for specific linking to social media. These are cookies from the following companies:

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. At the bottom of every article on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. To make this possible, these social media companies provide you with data that makes you feel comfortable with that option. Supports apply the privacy policy of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You must use the cookies for this option.

Do you want to delete the cookies that companies use? You can do that in your web browser. These conditions are not only in accordance with European and Dutch law, but also with US law.

Do you want to view, modify or delete your data?

The privacy law gives you different rights to extracting your data:

the right to view, modify or delete your data;
the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data or to object to the processing of your personal data by Anna Twenty Seven;
the right to request the personal data that Anna Twenty Seven processes from you and to have it sent to an organisation specified by you.

Do you want to appeal to one of these rights? Then you can email to Anna will respond as soon as possible (in any case within 4 weeks).

Please note: legally Anna Twenty Seven can only give you access to your personal details if Anna has received a copy of your identity card. By doing this Anna knows that you are the person who submits this request. Do not forget to include this copy as an attachment to your e-mail. Make your passport photo, the strip with numbers below, your passport number and your Social Security Number (SSN/BSN) invisible in this copy of your passport. You can do this by adding a black line in Paint.

Furthermore, Anna is obliged to point out the possibility of submitting a complaint to the national (Dutch) supervisor if you believe that your privacy rights have been violated. The national supervisor is the Dutch Data Protection Authority and you can file a complaint via this page.

Use of links to other websites

At Anna Twenty Seven there are sometimes links to websites of third parties or to services that are not managed by Anna Twenty Seven. If you click on such a link, the privacy statement for that site will apply to that website. In such a case, Anna Twenty Seven is not responsible for the content, the privacy policy or the practises of websites or services of third parties. Anna advises you to read the privacy statement and the conditions of these websites.

If there is damage or loss because you use the content, goods or services on these other websites or rely on them, then Anna is not liable or responsible for this.

Security of your personal data

Of course Anna does everything to protect your data. Not only does Anna always deal carefully with your data as a visitor or user, but Anna Twenty Seven also taken the following measure to protect your data:

Secure Internet connection. In the address bar you will see https:// and a padlock at the beginning of the web address. You can recognise that Anna Twenty Seven uses a secure Internet connection.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about your privacy at Anna Twenty Seven? Or do you want to request a change or removal of your data? Send an e-mail to Then Anna can answer your question or (at your request) delete or change your data.

This privacy statement was last updated on March 11th, 2019. Anna can change the statement at any time. That is why Anna advises you to check this privacy policy regularly.


All texts and pictures are written and taken by Anna Twenty Seven, unless stated otherwise. Always link back to or contact Anna Twenty Seven for permission when using pictures and/or texts.


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